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We read and we write...I created this blog for talking about the famous Twilight saga books, by Stephanie Meyer. Now I want to expand on that and talk about the fan fiction associated with the Twilight Saga. Our interest is in the contiued entertainment and joy from reading the books, and enjoying the fan fiction created from them. So please enjoy my fan fiction addition to the Twilight Saga.

MAC's Reading List ~ FanFiction.net

There are a list of Stories that I have read or are currently reading over at fanfiction.net. This list grows every day, I will try to keep up. If there are misspellings I can't fix them, these are direct links to each story on FF.
Some of them I've read and some I'm still working towards. They are in no particular order and I will add more soon,.

One Night Stand

Show Me Something More

Sex and Other Hobbies of my Roommate

Straight-Up Interference

Two Makes Three

Not What She Seems

Plan B

Good Things Happen

God and My Right

It's Murder

Life, Love & Madame Esme

Flash Forward

Accidentally in Love

The Princess and the E

Saving Grace

No Rest For The Wicked

Life Begins at 40

Professionally Personal

A Dove's Cry

Caller Ideed

Love Like a Hurricane

Get Inside

I Am Batman

Curve Ball

Love 'Hurts'

Once in a Lifetime

Master to you

Let It Be Me

Show Me Something More

Fantasy Dates

Natural Chemistry

Liquor, Lube, and Latex

Highschool fun

Make a Wish

In Living Color

Glamour Shots

Eternally Damned

Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips

Words with Friends

Sideline Collision

The Hurricane (The One-Shot)


In Your Room

My Life as a Trophy Wife

His Apartment

Fake IDs

Pas de Trois

Hammer and Nails


How To Teach Love

Sexy Playgroup Dads

If Love Could Light a Candle

Saving Grace (not the same as above)

The Acclimation Diaries

Leashing the Victorian

Pillow Talk


The Name of the Game

Tropic of Virgo

Good Bella, Bad Bella

A Tale of Two Edwards

Just One Day

Sex Toy

Farris Wheel Love

American Girl

The Mirrors

Will You Still Be There?

Another way to die


May the Best Intern Win

Run For Your Love

I Tell You I Love You

I Want to Marry Edward Cullen!


Me And My Band

Making Edward

The Nymph and the Waterfall

The Secret Life of Bella Swan

Being Bella Swan

The Final Addition

Romeo and Juliet

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

The Curse of the Smiley

My mistakes were made for you

No Longer Friends or Enemies Revision

Save You

Endings and New Beginnings

In the Age of Empires

Love Among the Stacks

I'm Yours

The Cotton Tail

Flabbergasted Phenomenon


Seducing Edward: A Bella Swan Challenge

Campus Liaisons


Bella and the Baby

Princess Bella

Daughter Nature

Sugar and Spice, Everything but Nice

The List

Psychotic SuperPowered Vampirism

Alphabet Weekends

Reality and Other Inconveniences

My Name is Bella Swan and


Kidnapped (*really good -finished)

The Porn Star in Me


My Brother's Best Friend

Taking Your Own Advice

Seventeen Cakes


Homeless, a Mother, a teenager, and Somehow Loved

The Third Woman

My Angel Is A Centerfold

My Immortal

112 Masen Lane



I Hate You with an Insurmountable Passion

A Rose By Any Other Name

Sinful Thoughts

Starting Over

Never What We Planned

America's Suitehearts

Edward and Bella: Love and Lust

Geek Love

Snowed In

Out Of Choices

Always remember

Two Stepping

Self Control

Innocence Lost

Storm Before the Calm


Broken Angel (*has sequels)

A Grocery Encounter

An Island In The Sun

Surfer Girl

Dirty Dancing with the Devil Herself

While You Were Gone

Nanny Bella

Prenuptual Posturing

Sin and Incivility

Best Served Cold

Faking It

His Personal Assistant

Chain me free

Trapped in Heaven

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