Mission Statement

We read and we write...I created this blog for talking about the famous Twilight saga books, by Stephanie Meyer. Now I want to expand on that and talk about the fan fiction associated with the Twilight Saga. Our interest is in the contiued entertainment and joy from reading the books, and enjoying the fan fiction created from them. So please enjoy my fan fiction addition to the Twilight Saga.

MAC's Reading List ~ Twilighted.net

Curl up in your favorite chair or lay back and soak in the tranquility of reading in the meadow. I, like so many of you LOVE Twilight, and therefore we have devoted time and effort to writing about our passion and obsession. Here are a few of my favorites. I will not bore you with what i think about them ... They Have to Be GOOD! Some are even GREAT! and a few are FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

These are on Twilighted.net
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Two of my beloved Stories have been removed, Dark Possession  & Tilt. I'm sorry if you didn't get a chance to read them.

Here is a list of more Fic's. They are not links. I figure if you have read any of the above you can find these. If not send me a message and I will post the link.

Broken Spirit
Bad Boy Cullen
A Thousand Leaves
Horse Play
Summer Boy
Eternal Damnation
Dark Moon
She Who Must Be Obeyed
Sexual Healing
Have a Little Faith
Saving Grace
For the Love of a King
What Drives Her
Parent Teacher Meetings
A Rough Start
The Betty Chronicles
Never Sleep in a Strange Man's Bed
Irreconcilable Differences
Taste of Innocence
Beyond Repair
Angels Cry
Love is Always an Option
The Trick is to Keep Breathing
Midnight Sun Continued
With Teeth
Suducing Ms. Swan
Femme Doc's and Kevlar Knights
The List
The Vampire in the Basement
A Place to Be
Stolen Heart
Clipped Wings Inked Armor
Tangles Web
So We Meet Again
Snowed In
The Acclimation Diaries
Nothing Left to Loose
Just One Day
A Lesson in Release
My Best Friends Girl
Daughter of Volterra

***If you click a link and the story has been taken down, leave me a note about it and I will make the necessary corrections. If you find any of my other suggestions have been taken down, you can leave me a note for those too. Thanks.***