Mission Statement

We read and we write...I created this blog for talking about the famous Twilight saga books, by Stephanie Meyer. Now I want to expand on that and talk about the fan fiction associated with the Twilight Saga. Our interest is in the contiued entertainment and joy from reading the books, and enjoying the fan fiction created from them. So please enjoy my fan fiction addition to the Twilight Saga.

31 January, 2010

Rob the Lost Shoot

Please go Visit and View these wonderful images of Rob in all his hotness!

27 January, 2010

Twiology - Writing Challenge

Here is you mission should you chose to accept it.

This picture of, the exquisitely handsome and ruggedly sexy, Rob P. makes me think, he has a secret. And you get to tell us what it is. With only this photo and your imagination to guide you, write us a 1-shot (xxx-lemony) piece about what’s going in this photo that we DON'T see.

It can not be any longer than 4000 characters (with spaces), post your 1-shot to the comments section. besure to include your emial address, the shots will be judged, and the winner will recieve a special Twilight item.

Post your writing here, and anywhere else you want. There is no deadline --- But we all want to know!

What is going on in this room with this man!

22 January, 2010

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Please feel free to discuss this book, and the upcomming movie.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Please read, review, and discuss this book by Stephenie Meyer. You may also visit www.twilightdisorder.com for discussion on this book by other Twilight fans.

Twilight Saga: New Moon

Please feel free to discuss anything that you feel needs mentioning in regards to this book, by Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight Saga: Twilight

Twilight the first book in the series my Stephenie Meyer. Please feel free to discuss anything you find fitting in regards to this book, on this thread.