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We read and we write...I created this blog for talking about the famous Twilight saga books, by Stephanie Meyer. Now I want to expand on that and talk about the fan fiction associated with the Twilight Saga. Our interest is in the contiued entertainment and joy from reading the books, and enjoying the fan fiction created from them. So please enjoy my fan fiction addition to the Twilight Saga.

27 January, 2010

Twiology - Writing Challenge

Here is you mission should you chose to accept it.

This picture of, the exquisitely handsome and ruggedly sexy, Rob P. makes me think, he has a secret. And you get to tell us what it is. With only this photo and your imagination to guide you, write us a 1-shot (xxx-lemony) piece about what’s going in this photo that we DON'T see.

It can not be any longer than 4000 characters (with spaces), post your 1-shot to the comments section. besure to include your emial address, the shots will be judged, and the winner will recieve a special Twilight item.

Post your writing here, and anywhere else you want. There is no deadline --- But we all want to know!

What is going on in this room with this man!


cinderfnrella's said...

ok....on it like white on rice...UnintendedFrenzy...

MAC said...
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MAC said...

Ok this was my post... not really but i needed to see if this would work.. so here is my suggestion.. if i give you a word limit or space limit then we can post the 1-shots here in the comments... if that doesnt work for you then we can create a section for this on the blog... you can post your 1-shots on any other site you chose email me the link and i will post it. tell me what you think?

mosleybh1 said...

either is fine with me, just let me know what you prefer.


mosleybh1 said...

If you want me to submit it a different way Mac, let me know.


The cracked bathroom door is too tempting- I must look. I know he is in there-I can’t help myself-I need to see him.

I creep quietly- softly.

There is that gorgeous hair- tousled-untidy-beautiful-contrasting with the floor where he lays.

My eyes move down his body. His eyes-intense-glazed-lustful.

What is he thinking? Of whom is he thinking? Is it foolish to hope it is me?

His bare chest is so inviting- how I long to trace the planes of each muscle-to feel his warmth under my fingertips.

His beauty has frozen me-I can not move-I can only watch.

The long, slender fingers of his hand slide into his pants-taunting me with pleasure.

Oh to be that hand.

Did my mind will his zipper down or did he do it-I’m not sure- nor does it matter.

The deep muscles of his pelvis are revealed-smooth-beautiful.

Flames are consuming me as I watch his fingers close firmly around his glorious erection.

My palms are sweaty with desire to touch him- I am entranced by the magic of his hand moving slowly up and down.

Beautiful is the only word I can think as I watch him work the smooth skin-watching the tendons of his hand flex and twist-squeezing-gliding.

His hand moves faster-up to the head-squeeze-then plunging down only to come right back up. His breathing is heavy-labored.

A small groan escapes my lips- I freeze- I am still undetected.

His breathe is now ragged-harsh. His hand moves impossibly fast-my eyes blur with the movement.

His eyes roll back into his head-body jerking violently-muscles tense-rigid.

I can feel the power of his release-my name tumbles from his lips.

His body relaxes-I see his amazing crooked smile-I melt.