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We read and we write...I created this blog for talking about the famous Twilight saga books, by Stephanie Meyer. Now I want to expand on that and talk about the fan fiction associated with the Twilight Saga. Our interest is in the contiued entertainment and joy from reading the books, and enjoying the fan fiction created from them. So please enjoy my fan fiction addition to the Twilight Saga.

19 February, 2010

Opps They did it again!

Looks like the folks (who ever they are) leaked some pics to the net that werent supposed to be out. I wont put them up but i must say they are racy and sexy and it they were acutally on the cutting room floor, and saved for us then. THANK YOU! to who ever did it. But for all my sisters who love, the love between Bella and Edward as much as I do... Then enjoy. them... I will post them after the first trailer comes out... just to be safe.

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