Mission Statement

We read and we write...I created this blog for talking about the famous Twilight saga books, by Stephanie Meyer. Now I want to expand on that and talk about the fan fiction associated with the Twilight Saga. Our interest is in the contiued entertainment and joy from reading the books, and enjoying the fan fiction created from them. So please enjoy my fan fiction addition to the Twilight Saga.

16 March, 2010


I wanted to let everyone know that the contest “Your Mission”, will be closing for entry acceptance on March 31st. If you haven’t entered your one-shot for the Edward "hand in pants" picture (below), please do so before then. You can post your one-shot in the comments section… it has a limit of 4000 characters so about 3000 words, no more, or it won't fit. I will be sending the stories off to be judged on April 1st, (no joke). The judge(s) is a Twilight Addict but not on TD... so her reading will be fair and unbiased. Once she has finished her judging the winner will be announced here and on the Twilight Disorder website, and the awards will be given out. There will be a 1st place prize only, everyone else will receive participation rewards. So after you have posted your one-shot post a 2nd comment with your name and address use your “TD Pen Name” so that I will be able to connect your story to you, and send your prize (should you win). The prize will be posted on the website by the end of the week (3/19).

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